Magento, PrestaShop and Drupal web hosting Reseller

There are many hosting companies to choose from, and finding the best web hosting for your website may be quite a challenging task. We have been operating in website business for more than 10 years, so we have tested a huge number of web hosting providers. On this page we would like to present to you one of them, whom we think is offering a high-quality hosting at affordable prices.

We recommend ICD Soft, a company known for its capability in hosting high performance CMS websites. ICD Soft is trustworthy to host some of the largest CMS websites in the world, in both of private and public sectors. All services provided by ICDSoft hosting are "Fully Managed". Everything is configured and maintained on servers, including Linux, MySQL, Apache, PHP. As one of the few hosting providers to offer fully managed hosting, from small private virtual server plans up through the deployment of clustered hosting plans, ICDSoft has a hosting plan offers that will fit any website and budget. Servers can be hosted in the USA, Hong Kong, Germany or Bulgaria. For their full company profile and services please see their website at