FOJ Project Logistic
Do you require assistance with your importation process, customs procedures or storage and delivery of your products?

One-stop e-Commerce Logistic Service

We provide a one-stop e-Commerce Service, including e-Store set-up and operation, SEO & Digital Marketing, Third Party Logistic (3PL), customer service, IT system, product import and B2B fulfilment.

Let us handle the details, and be your 'invisible' product distributor, providing warehousing and B2B services. So you can improve Time to Market (TTM). Reduce the shipping costs, minimize orders, inventory and your warehouse expenditures.


Lower your Risk Investment

With our help and through our local partnerships, your company will execute its business strategy, in order to offer your products and services to Chinese customers with lower risk investment. The Logistic market in China is extremely complex.
There are about 1,200 express delivery (Kuaidi) companies in China. Our extensive experience in logistic and operations enable us to strategically select the most reliable and cost effective express services to suit every business needs. Our selection criteria also include secure packaging, system tracking, and warehouse video monitoring to ensure the safety of all products.

Online Payment in China

“Fapiao” (Invoice) plays an exclusive role in China. “Fapiao” in China is more than just an ordinary receipt. It is the way in which the government monitors VAT paid on any transaction. “Fapiao” are generated by the IT network of the Tax Bureau, and printed on watermark paper, provided also by the Tax Bureau.
Being able to deliver such invoice to customer is crucial to your online business in mainland China. Our one stop service includes the official “Fapiao” for every transaction.